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Minister of Finance hosts Half Year Press Conference.

Forms for the Student Loan Agency – Guarantor’s Form, First Time Students and Continuing Students

To get started click any of the links below. Guarantor’s Form First Time Loan Forms Continuing Student Loan Forms

Remarks by Hon. Winston Jordan, at the Opening Session of the National Workshop on Sustainable Funding Strategy

Mr. Jaime Coronado Quintanilla, Coordinator of CEMLA’S Public Debt Management Capacity Building Programme (PDP), Mr. Juan Carlos Villanova and other PDP experts, Dr. Terrence Smith, Deputy Governor, Bank of Guyana, Other Senior Government Officials, and Participants: Welcome to the opening of this, our second National Sustainable Funding Strategy Workshop, whichRead More

Monthly Economic Bulletin – September 2016

Meb – september, 2016 – (File Size – 974.61 KB) Download

Monthly Economic Bulletin – March 2017

Meb – march, 2017 – (File Size – 898.97 KB) Download

Monthly Economic Bulletin – February 2017

Meb – february, 2017 – (File Size – 857.06 KB) Download