IDB Mission to Guyana - June 29-30,2016

IDB Mission to Guyana

The Country Office on behalf of the Financial Management and Procurement Services Division of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), which is responsible for oversight of its fiduciary safeguards,  has appointed Mr. Alejandro Susel, a consultant attached to the Bank, to undertake the Diagnostic on Public Procurement Information Systems in the Caribbean. This study is an IDB institutional requirement to eventually support the use of country procurement systems in IDB-financed projects in the Caribbean Countries in the future.

Date:June 29-30,2016


1.    Perform a detailed analysis on the status of public information systems;

2.    Identify gaps with internationally accepted practices and the policies, procedures, practices and aspects that need to be modernized;

3.    Identify best practices within the Region that could be easily transferred between countries;

4.    Develop recommendations and feasible solutions to be implemented;

5.    Identify those information systems that could be validated for the Use of Country Systems.