World Bank Mission: Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

World Bank Mission

Mission: Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
This Mission will engage Government and other stakeholders regarding the preparation of steps 3 (establish Multi-stakeholder Group) and 4 (Draft a National Action Plan) of Guyana's EITI candidacy. 

Date: June 26 - July 8,2016
(i) engage the government and the interim EITI Steering Committee on the EITI candidacy process, including the design of a national symposium 
(ii) attend and help facilitate this symposium and/or follow-up workshops with key stakeholders to discuss the EITI candidacy process; 
(iii) share best practices on how to identify the members of the yet to be established Multi-stakeholder Group (MSG) and provide input on the draft Terms of Reference for Guyana's EITI MSG; 
(iv) discuss the main findings of the 2015 EITI Scoping Study of Guyana and recommend possible follow-up. 

The mission team will include Ms. Susana Moreira, Extractive Industries Specialist, and Ms. Ana Maria Rodriguez Contreras, EITI expert and World Bank: Consultant.