Month: February 2018

09 Feb
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The Financial Times

Ministry of Finance (news letter)

Also see scenes from our annual staff party here!

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01 Feb
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Budget At A Glance 2018

“This fourth budget is being presented at the middle of this Government’s first term in Office. Indeed, it was approximately two and one-half years ago, when the people of this great country of ours gave a mandate to a coalition of two parties – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and Alliance for Change (AFC) – to harness the energies and resources of our citizens to generate a popular platform for change in government and governance … we were never in doubt about the enormity of the task which lay ahead .. .We had to restore hope, inspire confidence and shape a new destiny for our country and our people. The Government was challenged to provide strong leadership to bring about development that was inclusive and environmentally- sustainable. In a situation where the economy’s growth trajectory depended on the primary stage production of the agriculture and mining sectors, we were challenged to change the narrative and to develop an economy that was more broad-based and diversified. Rather than being daunted by, and becoming frustrated with these obstacles, we have stayed the course, keeping our goal to build a better, more inclusive and unified society in sight.”

Hon. Winston Jordan
Minister of Finance Budget Presentation 2018

Budget At A Glance 2018
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