Administration lends support to the various Departments of the Ministry of Finance through the provision of personnel function, maintenance of records, transportation and housekeeping. Administration consists of the Personnel Division, Registry Division, Accounting Division, Miscellaneous and Losses and Administrative Support Services.

Personnel Division

The Personnel Division is tasked with the responsibility of the performance of human resources management activities and other staffing functions for the various departments. The Personnel Division is also tasked with assisting in the achievement of the Ministry’s overall goals by ensuring that the human resources requirements for the various departments are achieved.

Registry Division

The Registry provides support to the various departments of the Ministry by the storage and maintenance of Financial and personnel records and other correspondence in relation to the Finance Secretary’s Department and the Accountant Generals’ Department. The Registry also provides photocopying and word-processing services and the receipt and delivery of correspondence for the other Departments of the Ministry.

Accounting Division

The Accounting Division of the Finance Secretary Department is responsible for the processing of transactions that entail payments for goods and services that are essential for the effective and efficient operation of the Ministry Administration. The Accounting Division also has responsibility for processing inter-departmental warrant (IDAW). The Accounting Division also facilitates the processing of transactions for some Semi-autonomous Agencies (SAA) of the Ministry of Finance.

Miscellaneous & Losses

The Miscellaneous and Losses has responsibilities for the opening and closing of local Bank Accounts of Government Ministries and Projects. Miscellaneous and Losses also have responsibility for the documentation and processing of losses for other Ministries. Miscellaneous and Losses interact with the Board of Survey of other Ministries as it relates to cash and unserviceable.

Administrative Support Services

The Administrative Support Services provide support to the other departments by maintaining a clean physical environment that is conducive to the motivation of staff. The Administrative Support Services is also task with providing transportation for staff to effectively carry out their duties. The Administrative Support Services also have the responsibility of ensuring that there is adequate maintenance of electrical installations, air conditions units, motor vehicles, Stand-by generator and other facilities within the Ministry of Finance.