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The Student Loan Agency was established in 1994 by the Government of Guyana, to enable all students who have been accepted but are financially unable otherwise, to attend the University of Guyana.

Loans are issued to all Guyanese students for all undergraduate programs offered by the University and are granted on the fulfilment of loan criteria.

During 1994, the issuance of loans were handled by the University of Guyana however in 1995, the Student Loan Agency became a department of the Ministry of Finance through which all policy decisions are made.

In 2015, the decision was made to strengthen the revolving nature of this fund thereby allowing future generations of prospective students to benefit as debtors repay their loans.

Dionne Sue Cox


Naitram Mohan


Donita Fedee

Administrative Manager

Kevin Joyce

Loans Officer - Collections

Felicity Mitchell

Loans Officer - Processing

Avindra Ramnauth

Legal Officer
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Student Financial Loan Manual


Urgent Notice For Recipient and Guarantors of Student Loans

The Ministry of Finance wishes to notify recipients of student loans with outstanding balances on their accounts.


Student Loan Agency Brochure

A revolving credit fund for higher education.


  1. Forensic Audit of UG Student Loan Agency – Final Report


Student Loan Application Form Academic Year 2020-2021

SLA Consent Form 2020

SLA Guarantor Affidavit 2020


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