Bureau of Statistics

The Bureau of Statistics was established in 1957 and was incorporated as a semi-autonomous body in 1990. The functions of the Bureau are set out in Section 4 (1) of the Bureau of Statistics Act 25 of 1991 and the Statistical Act Cap 19.09 and can be summed up as follows:

  • Conduct Censes
  • Collect. compile, analyse and publish socio-economic and other statistical data
  • Collaborate with other Government departments in collecting, compiling, analyzing and publishing statistics derived from administrative records
  • Organise a co-ordinated scheme of social and economic statistics for Guyana

The Bureau is the main co-ordinator and producer of economic statistics, including national accounts. The main data on population, economic and social conditions of households stem from censuses and surveys. The Bureau is recognised as the central authority on statistics in this country and is often requested to advise and assist ministries and private / public sector organizations on statistical matters.