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14 Apr
By: MOF Communications Unit 0

1992 Budget Speech

Theme: Keeping Guyana on the Move Forward.



Comrade Speaker, the theme of this year’s Budget Statement is ‘Keeping Guyana on the Move Forward’. With that objective in mind I rise to move the Motion for the approval of the Estimates of the Public Sector and the Budget for the financial year 1992. I wish to signify that in conformity with Article 171, paragraph 2 of the Constitution that the Cabinet has recommended that the

National Assembly proceed upon this motion. I wish to start by reporting that in this the third year of the decade of Hope the Economic Recovery Programme (ERP) has succeeded in initiating the Great Economic Recovery of Guyana.

I wish also to convey a simple message to those pundits and their parties who since 1989 have in tenebrous predictions and prognostications claimed that the ERP would not work. The one who says it cannot be done should never interrupt the one who is doing it”.

The ERP, is a comprehensive matrix of policies and measures designed to restore the economy to a path of sustainable economic growth and a viable balance of payments position over the medium-term, to reintegrate the parallel economy into the official sector, and to normalise relations with external creditors.

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1992 Budget Speech

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