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17 Apr
By: MOF Communications Unit 0

2002 Budget Speech


1 1.1 Mr Speaker, I rise to move the motion for the approval of the Estimates of the Public Sector and the Budget for the Financial Year 2002. In so doing, I wish to indicate that in concurrence with Article 171, par agraph 2 of the Constitution, the Cabinet has recommended that the National Assembly proceed upon this motion.

1.2 Mr Speaker, Year 2001 was as eventful as it was difficult. It was a year in which we stood witness to the triumphs and traumas of our country and the tragic events that unfolded in the international community. These have left lingering scars in their wake. Even so, I would like to pay early tribute to the Guyanese people for their fortitude that has seen us through thus far. We will continue to count on their resilience and abundant resourcefulness, as we forge ahead with the implementation of our growth-inducing and poverty-reduction programmes in 2002 and beyond.

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2002 Budget Speech

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