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14 Apr
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2007 Budget Speech


I.I Madam Speaker, I rise to move the motion for the approval of the Estimates of the Public Sector and the Budget for the Financial Year 2007. In so doing, I wish to indicate that in accordance with Article 171, Paragraph 2 of the Constitution, the Cabinet has recommended that the National Assembly proceed upon this motion.

1.2 Madam Speaker, coming as it does at the beginning of a new term of office and, in this case, the fourth consecutive tenn of the PPP/Civic Government since its 1992 assumption of office, this Budget concretises our vision of a modern and equitable society for all Guyanese, as elaborated in a number of documents such as the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper and individual sector strategy papers. Just recently, His Excellency the President reiterated this vision in his Inaugural Address to this Ninth
Parliament, which address was extensively debated and endorsed in this Honourable House.

1.3 As we have emphasised, our vision is for a better Guyana – a Guyana where our people live in perpetual harmony, enjoying greater cohesion and prosperity; a society in which our quality of life compares favourably with our immediate and distant neighbours; and a society that is recognised for the care and attention it places on children, women, youths, the elderly and the less fortunate. We must, therefore, strive for economic success in order to establish a better society for all. We have to build
safeguards and act to sustain economic growth and stability long into the future, and we must continue to work to find ways of sharing more evenly the benefits of our economic success.

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2007 Budget Speech

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