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01 Feb
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Budget At A Glance 2017 – Pathway to the Good Life

Targets for 2017

1. Central Government revenue to increase by 6.4% to 186B.

2. Tax revenue to increase by 8.9% to 162.6B.

3. Excise tax collections projected to reach 34.4B.

4. Services sector to grow by 2.7%; growth to be driven mainly by an expansion in finance and insurance activities, and information and communication sub-sectors.

5. Construction sector to grow by 5%; the sector will benefit from rising infrastructure spending in 2017. Forestry sub-sector projected to grow by 5.8%.

6. Mining and Quarrying projected to grow by 7.9%.

7. Output of gold is targeted at 694,000 ounces, while bauxite is budgeted at 1,726,008 metric tonnes.

8. Manufacturing sector to grow marginally by 1.9% and light manufacturing by 1.2%. “Buying local” is vital for the expansion of our local manufacturing industries.

9. Agriculture, fishing and forestry projected to grow by 4.2%.

10. Sugar production to increase by 10.6%.

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Budget At A Glance 2017

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