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03 Jan
By: MOF Communications Unit 1

Budget At A Glance 2019

“Budget 2019 has been crafted under the theme, Transforming the Economy, Empowering People, Building Sustainable Communities for the Good Life. It signifies a strategic shift in the trajectory of our development, as we seek to responsibly use the resources from oil and gas to shape our future through investing for growth and creating new industries and jobs. Budget 2019 prioritizes institutional strengthening across sectors, including strengthening public investment management; expanding opportunities for businesses to grow and flourish; and supporting Government’s green economy initiatives while aiming to support the development of the non-oil sector. Diversification is the core of what is required to accomplish these goals and, is even more important in the face of oil, especially to ensure that the non-oil sector flourishes and thrives, such that when Guyana’s petroleum reserves are depleted, the country can stand strong on a foundation that is diversified and resilient. Budget 2019 also zeroes in on the human side of development, with substantial resources dedicated to uplifting health and education, pure water supply and sanitation, driving the decent housing agenda, green energy, improving the drainage and transport networks and youth development, among other areas. All of this will be done in the context of improved macroeconomic fundamentals and sound public finances.”

Hon. Winston Jordan

Minister of Finance

Budget At A Glance 2019

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