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14 Aug
By: MOF Communications Unit 1

Mid-Year Report 2019

This report is prepared pursuant to Section 67 of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act (FMAA) 2003 that prescribes that a mid-year report shall be produced in a manner and format prescribed as follows: “A mid-year report shall include – (a) an update on the current macroeconomic and fiscal situation, a revised economic outlook for the remainder of the fiscal year, and a statement of the projected impact that these trends are likely to have on the annual budget for the current fiscal year; (b) a comparison report on the out-turned current and capital expenditures and revenues with the estimates originally approved by the National Assembly with explanations of any significant variances; and (c) a list of major fiscal risks for the remainder of the fiscal year, together with likely policy responses that the Government proposes to take to meet the expected circumstances.”

Mid-Year Report 2019

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