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20 Apr
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End of Year Review 2017

On November 27, 2017, for the second consecutive occasion, the National Budget was presented to Parliament before the start of the fiscal year and one day earlier than the previous year, making it the earliest Budget in over four decades. The Budget for the Financial Year 2018, themed The Journey to the Good Life Continues, maintained this administration’s priority of delivering a timely budget, in order to support economic management, financial management and effective implementation of Government’s policies. By presenting Budget 2018 before the beginning of the fiscal year, Budget Agencies continued to have an improved opportunity to plan and implement their annual budgets, thereby allowing programmes that are critical to our country’s development to move forward with greater efficiency.

End of Year Outcome 2017
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09 Feb
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The Financial Times

Ministry of Finance (news letter)

Also see scenes from our annual staff party here!

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