New Natural Resource Fund Bill passed in National Assembly

-despite main Opposition displaying thuggish behavior, bullyism in attempts to stall legislation -after illegally rushing defective old Bill through Parliament following No- Confidence Motion 2018 defeat -hiding US $18M signing Bonus later claimed to be ‘Gift’ after admitting receipt Georgetown, Ministry of Finance, December 29, 2021:-Even after a former Minister of Finance under its tenure […]

National Assembly approves FMAA Amendment Bill piloted by Senior Finance Minister

-Budget process for Constitutional Agencies to be strengthened and streamlined while preserving their independence Georgetown, Ministry of Finance, December 29 2021:-The Fiscal Management and Accountability Amendment Bill piloted by Senior Minister in the Office of the President with Responsibility for Finance Dr. Ashni Singh was late this evening approved in the National Assembly during the […]

Promise kept as Government restores Joint Services Tax-free Bonus

-$1.2 Billion placed in the hands of members of the Joint Services; bonus was taken away during APNU/AFC’s tenure Georgetown, Ministry of Finance, December 24, 2021: In another sweeping move indicating it intends to keep all of its promises, Government has restored the one-month year-end tax-free bonus to all members of the Joint Services. The […]


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The National Procurement and Tender Administration was established in accordance with Section 16 (1) of the Procurement Act 2003 which came into effect in November 2004, with the signing of the Order by the Minister of Finance.

The mission of NPTA is to facilitate the establishment and implementation of a regulatory environment conducive to transparency, economy, efficiency, openness, fairness and accountability in public sector procurement.

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