Guyana Revenue Authority

Guyana Revenue Authority

The Guyana Revenue Authority was established on the 27th January, 2000. The organisation is governed by a Governing Board and the Commission General is the Chief Executive Officer who is responsible for the day to day management of the organisation.

Their mission is to promote compliance with Guyana’s Tax, Trade and Border Laws and regulations through education, quality service and responsible enforcement, thereby contributing to the economic and social well being of the people of Guyana.

The Guyana Revenue Authority draws its overall mandate from the Revenue Authority Act, the Customs Act and the Income Tax Acts of Guyana. Under the Revenue Authority Act, the Governing Board of the Revenue Authority is accountable to the Minister of Finance and is responsible for:

  • The approval and review of the policy of the Revenue Authority
  • The monitoring of the performance of the Revenue Authority in carrying out its functions, and
  • The discipline and control of all members of staff of the Revenue Authority.

The chief executive of the Revenue Authority is the Commissioner General who, subject to the general supervision and control of the Governing Board is responsible for;

  • The day to day operations of the authority
  • The management of funds, property and Affairs of the Revenue Authority, and:
  • The administration, organisation and control of the staff of the Revenue Authority.