Project Cycle Management Division

The objective of the PCMD is to effectively monitor and maximize the use of Government resources into key and critical sectors thereby promoting strong and sustainable growth in the economy.

The PCMD prepares as well as administers the Public Sector Investment Programme. This process is done by:

  • Annual Budget planning based on Government national policies and priorities. Securing new investment funding from both Bi-lateral donors; and Maintaining and updating the Medium Term Investment Programme.

In addition an integral function of PCMD is the interaction with various stakeholders of public Investment project so as to ensure projects are completed successfully within the specified timeline. This is done primarily at the project implementation stage and entails regular field visits, timely progress meeting with consultants, contractors, Government Agencies and beneficiaries from the commencement of the project to the scheduled date of closure.

Multilateral Financial Institutions

The key functions of the Bi-lateral and Multi-Lateral Divisions are:

  • Advisory – study and analyse government and donors policy documents to secure appropriate financing on the best terms available.
  • Liaison / negotiation – facilitate missions and engage in policy dialogue leading to loan / grant negoatiation and approval.
  • Monitoring – oversee project implementation to ensure compliance will all contractual condition.
  • Documentation – develop a project a project database to monitor project implementation and provide periodic reports as required.
  • Training – Improve professional competence of staff through on-the-job and in-house training and guide career development through external training programmes.
  • Study and analyse macro-economic policies.
  • Study and analyse donor initiatives, policies and strategies etc.
  • Conduct relevant economic / Financial analyses.
  • Oversee arrangements for all missions.
  • Attend mission meetings and engage in policy dialogue / negotiations with donors consistent with national priorities.