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09 Sep
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Budget Estimates 2020

The purpose of these Estimates is to present to the National Assembly information on the expenditure requirements and revenue forecasts of the Government for the fiscal year and, where required, to seek authority for such expenditure through an Appropriation Act. The authorities identified in these Estimates are divided into two categories: appropriated and statutory. Appropriated authorities are those for which the Government must seek approval from the National Assembly on an annual basis. Statutory authorities, e.g., public debt, are those for which the National Assembly has already provided on an ongoing basis, through the approval granted by specific legislation containing an appropriation authority. These are included in the Estimates for information only.

The basic structure of the Estimates presented to the National Assembly takes the form of three volumes and follows a theme of presenting the initial data at a high level of aggregation followed by more detailed information. Volume 1 is divided into four Sections. Section 1 – The Expenditure and Revenue Plan – summarises the Current and Capital Expenditure requirements of the Central Government, and forecasts of Revenues; Section 2 provides details of the Current Expenditure requirements of each Agency within the Estimates; Section 3 gives details of the Capital Expenditure requirements of each Agency within the Estimates; and Section 4 provides specific macroeconomic data in support of the Budget, selected personnel related data, and the budgets of Statutory Bodies and Constitutional Agencies for the fiscal year. Volume 2 describes the Programme structures, indicators, objectives, strategies and impacts of each Agency as well as summarised financial performance data. Volume 3 provides information on the profiles of projects included in the capital expenditure plan.

Download Volumes:

Volume 1

Budget Estimates 2020 – Volume 1

Volume 2

Budget Estimates 2020 – Volume 2

Volume 3

Budget Estimates 2020 – Volume 3


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