Accountant General Department

This section of the Ministry is tasked with the responsibility of supervision of the country’s Accounting Systems on behalf of the Minister of Finance. The key Functions of this Department are:

  • To ensure that all accounting systems are functioning efficiently and effectively and provides recommendation for improvements.
  • To ensure the system provides financial information on a timely and accurate basis using Information Technology
  • To document and revise the accounting system periodically.
  • To promptly account for all receipt and payment transactions incurred and ensure that all revenues are banked in the Consolidated Fund.
  • To Maintain records of all short term and long term debts both external and internal.
  • To ensure that all Government Agencies complies with rules, regulations and laws and that there are adequate internal controls.
  • To advise the Public Accounts Committee on matters of a financial nature.
  • To ensure that the benefits of public servants as well as legislators, teachers, governmental employees and employees of the commission are computed and payments are made according to the relevant laws and regulations.
  • To ensure that Government assets are adequately secured such as stores cash as well as securities lodged for safe keeping.
  • To ensure that there are adequate training programs to correct any deficiencies in the system.
  • To prepare the annual financial statements in a timely manner and submit them to the Auditor General for audit.
  • To ensure that all payments are on behalf of the Government of Guyana Expenditure is expedited in a timely manner. Accountant General’s Department consists of the Management Information Services Unit, Integrated Financial Management System, Pensions, Public Debt and Receipts and Payments.

Management of Information Systems Unit

The role of the MIS Unit is to provide the Ministry of Finance with the Information Communication Technology tools to enable the achievement of the Ministry’s goals and objectives.

The IT Unit supports the Ministry’s objectives through the use of technology based solutions where appropriate. The Unit provides and maintains the network infrastructure (servers, computers, network cabling, and communications and telecommunications equipment) and applications (both database and general office applications) for the Ministry, as well as providing technical support for its users.

The Unit comprises of three sections, the Control Section, Data Entry Section and the Development Team Section. The Development Team comprises of nine IT professionals who are responsible for development of in-house applications and reports and to manage and maintain all programs/databases and network infrastructures. The Data Entry Section is the centralized location for keying of all monthly payroll changes. This section is responsible for verifying and keying of all payroll changes for fifty-two payroll agencies on a monthly basis. The Control Section is responsible for managing the payroll change forms for all agencies and to print all payroll reports for the various agencies and ensure timely dispatch of all reports.

The MIS Unit is also responsible for providing strategic vision of how technology can support the demands of the Ministry to accelerate the achievement of objectives.

Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS)

The Integrated Financial Management and Accounting System (IFMAS) emerged on 1st January 2004 as the new mechanism for modernizing the business of the Government of Guyana.

This unit is responsible for the management of the Integrated Financial Management and Accounting System. This records all financial data generated by the Government of Guyana and the payment function with reference to the issuing of cheques and the reconciliation of the main Bank Account, the recording of warrants, contingencies fund advances, deposit fund advances and the generation of the annual financial statements. It also corrects any mistakes made by Ministries, Departments and Regions who may have inputted incorrect information. The generation of financial reports of all aspects of the data is also possible in this unit.


This section is responsible for the correct computation in conjunction with the Audit Office of Guyana of all gratuities and pensions payable by the Government of Guyana. Additionally, it is responsible for the correct recording of all amounts paid, the maintenance of an accurate pension database, the generation of monthly pension cheques to Banks, Post Offices and individuals in a timely manner and the safe storage of all records.

Public Debt

This unit is charged with the responsibility of recording all debts external as well as internal. It is also responsible for the timely payment of all internal debts and the preparation of the budget for the Public department and the Public Debt statement for submission to the Audit Office for perusal.

Receipts and Payments

This unit is responsible for the printing of all cheques that are issued by the Government of Guyana out of the Consolidated Fund and the payment to customers of the non-sub accounting Ministries with the exception of Salaries and Wages. This section also ensures that payees are properly identified before payment is made. It also receives revenue and ensures it is brought to account in a timely manner.