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17 Aug
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MEMO: Work Attachment Partners Wanted

The Basic Needs Trust Fund Implementing Agency (BNTFIA), Ministry of Finance, is seeking work attachment partners for recent graduates and current students of its technical and vocational training programmes.

BNTFIA is the flagship development programme under the Caribbean Development Bank and the Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. For twenty-seven years, BNTFIA has been working to address poverty reduction by providing access to basic infrastructure and services in rural and urban communities across the Caribbean. In Guyana, the BNTFIA has completed nearly 600 projects since 1993, and has 36 projects underway for its ninth cycle.  Currently, projects are largely focused on areas related to livelihoods enhancement and human resource development.

During this programme cycle, BNTFIA has provided training opportunities to over 600 individuals, with the majority being youth between the ages of 15 and 25. Upon successful completion of the courses, students will receive certifications at one of two levels: the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) or the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) certificate via the Council for TVET (Technical, Vocational Education and Training). For students to receive the NVQ, they must complete a 6-month course, while students who receive the CVQ must complete a one-year course. These trainings incorporate theoretical and practical training in the respective vocational area, as well as supplemental education in Basic Mathematics, English Language, Micro-Enterprise, and Sexual Reproductive Health/life skills. Additionally, students receive psychosocial support from counselors and career guidance from in-house officers. BNTFIA has undertaken a holistic approach with regard to its training programmes, so as to produce well-rounded graduates who are able to function well within the workplace and in their communities.

CVQ programmes:

Motor Vehicle Servicing and Repairs

NVQ programmes:

  1. Audio-Visual skills (lighting, sound, video recording/editing)
  2. Small Engine Repairs (ATVs, outboard engines, brushcutters, motorbike engines)
  3. Heavy-duty Equipment Operator Maintenance and Repairs (excavators/skid-steer loaders)
  4. Boat Building (wooden boats)
  5. Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs of PV Equipment and Systems (solar panels)
  6. General Building Construction

A more complete breakdown is available below.

For those interested in discussing further, contact BNTFIA at +5922257238 (ask for Ms. Accra or Mr. Utoh) or via email at or


Training Course Information

Training Area Region Location # Beneficiaries Course Status Skill Area Certification level
Heavy-duty Equipment Operator Maintenance and Repairs Training 2 Essequibo Technical Institute (ETI), Anna Regina 30 Enrolled Excavators/Skid-steer loaders National Vocational Qualification


3 Leonora Technical Vocational Training Centre, Leonora 25 Enrolled
4 Guyana Industrial Training College (GITC), Georgetown 29 Completed
5 Mahaicony-Mahaica-Abary Agricultural Development Authority (MMA/ADA), Lovely Lass 27 Completed
6 New Amsterdam Technical Institute (NATI), New Amsterdam 29 Completed
Boat Building Skills Training 2 Village council building, Bethany 11 Completed Wooden boats National Vocational Qualification


3 Community building, Aliki 19 Enrolled
7 Community building, Kamarang 15 Enrolled
Small Engine Repairs  Skills Training 1 Community building, Matthew’s Ridge 14 Enrolled ATV engines, outboard engines, brushcutter engines, motorbike engines National Vocational Qualification


1 RDC Building, Mabaruma 6 Enrolled
2 Essequibo Technical Institute (ETI), Anna Regina 9 Enrolled
3 Leonora Technical Vocational Training Centre, Leonora 11 Enrolled
4 Sir Donald Jackson Learning and Resource Centre, Beterverwagting 34 Not Started (due to covid-19)
4 Eddy Grant Learning Centre, Plaisance 19 Completed
5 Mahaicony Technical and Vocational Training Centre (MTVTC), Mahaicony 26 Completed
6 Vryman’s Erven Training Centre (VETC), New Amsterdam 20 Enrolled
7 Community building, Kamarang 16 Enrolled
8 Dept. of Forestry, Mahdia 15 Enrolled
9 Community building, Lethem 12 Enrolled
10 Linden Technical Institute (LTI), Linden 9 Enrolled
10 Kwakwani Village Council, Kwakwani 23 Enrolled
PV 4 Seventh-Day Adventist church, Mocha 10 Completed Solar panels National Vocational Qualification


4 BIT building, Eccles 16 Completed
4 Youth Centre, Kuru Kururu 7 Completed
4 Community building, Golden Grove 14 Near  Completion
6 Vryman’s Erven Training Centre (VETC), New Amsterdam 15 Near Completion
Construction 6 Vryman’s Erven Training Centre (VETC), New Amsterdam 14 Enrolled Carpentry, masonry, electrical installation National Vocational Qualification


Audio-Visual Training 4 Merundoi Incorporated, Georgetown 32 Completed Lighting, video recording, audio recording, video editing National Vocational Qualification


Motor Vehicle Repairs 4 Government Technical Institute, Georgetown 39 Enrolled Vehicles and light trucks Caribbean Vocational Qualification


4 Guyana Industrial Training Centre, Georgetown 24 Enrolled


Download Document: 

MEMO: Work Attachment Partners Wanted
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01 Jul
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End of Year Outcome 2019

The End of Year Outcome Statement for the year 2019 is being presented as an update to the Mid-Year Report of 2019, instead of the usual update to the end of year projections that would have been included in the 2020 National Budget to Parliament, in November 2019, as part of the established annual budget cycle. As is well-known, this did not happen because of the political situation that unfolded, which necessitated the holding of General and Regional Elections before the due date. In light of those developments, Parliament was dissolved on December 30, 2019, resulting in the postponement of the preparation and presentation of the 2020 National Budget to a date to be determined in 2020. Budget 2019 was presented under the theme “Transforming the Economy, Empowering People, Building Sustainable Communities for the Good Life,” and was the second earliest presentation in the post-Independence history of Guyana.

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29 Jun
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Public Advisory for Government Pensioners

Extension of moratorium for submission of life certificates for government pensioners 

The Ministry of Finance in its effort to safe guard its staff and the public against the spread of COVID-19, wishes to advise all government pensioners that it has placed a further three months moratorium on the submission and updating of the life certificates 

Submissions and updating of life certificates will therefore resume September 1, 2020.   

Life certificates can be emailed to:

For further enquiry, please call telephone numbers 227-3992 – 5 ext.  1035 & 1088 from 08:30hrs – 14:30hrs.


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11 Jun
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Press Statement on Guysuco’s Request for Bailout

Georgetown, June 10th, 2020

The Ministry of Finance notes Guysuco’s request to the Government for a bailout, and wishes to assure that it is actively seeking to assist Guysuco to access funds that are available to it, to mitigate its present challenges.

Notwithstanding however, the prevailing national circumstances, coupled with the challenges of COVID 19 and a reduced national income, render the Treasury incapable of providing a bailout to Guysuco.
In this regard, we wish to remind that a $30 Billion bond backed by NICIL’s assets and guaranteed by the Government of Guyana was secured through NICIL to retrofit and revitalise the 3 remaining sugar estates. During the period July 2018 to February 2020, $9,720,759,568 was disbursed to Guysuco to fund its Capital and Operational Expenditure – much of which was outside the terms of the bond.
Additionally, NICIL through the SPU, sold lands that were vested to it, and garnered deposits of $2.1 billion. The full sum was used to offset bond payments that became due in May, 2020. The balance of $1.5 billion for the lands will be paid over to NICIL when the vesting orders are signed and gazetted. It is expected that part of this sum will go towards a bond repayment which is due on July 4th, 2020, and the remainder to Guysuco. Guysuco also generates its own income.

Another disbursement is expected in the coming days; so we urge that NICIL, Guysuco and the syndicated lenders work assiduously to resolve any bottlenecks.

The Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana remains committed to making Guysuco a viable partner.

GUYSUCO – Guyana Sugar Corporation
NICIL – National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited
SPU – Special Purpose Unit

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08 Jun
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Suspension of Services at MOF

The Ministry of Finance wishes to inform the public that on Sunday, June 7th 2020, it suffered a burst main, which resulted in severe water damage to documents and equipment in the main building, and the disruption of all phone services. Contrary to some media reports, the Office of the Minister of Finance is unaffected.

Please be advised therefore, that our counter services are suspended until Thursday, June 11, 2020. All other services, including the payment of salaries and pensions, remain uninterrupted.

We are working assiduously to ensure that the full operation of the Ministry is swiftly restored.



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29 May
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Environmental Protection Agency – Single Use Plastic Media Kit

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