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23 Nov
By: Tanika Jones 1

Public Debt Annual Report 2017

In 2017, the world economy achieved better-than-expected results, following the U.S. tax policy reform and notable improvements that were observed in Europe and Asia. At the same time, accommodating commodity prices and better financial conditions sustained economic expansion in the Latin American and Caribbean region. In face of this global expansion, the Guyanese economy did not meet the expected growth, due to weaker-than-anticipated performances in the mining and quarrying and construction sectors as well as sugar and livestock. These were sufficiently large to offset better-than-projected growth in the other agriculture, fishing and forestry, manufacturing, and services sectors. The real economy grew by 2.1 percent in 2017, slightly below the 3.3 percent achieved in 2016. The risks noted in the 2018 Budget Speech—unpredictable commodity prices, climate change and international financial market disruptions—remain relevant since they have the ability to derail growth projections.

Public Debt 2017

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