Finance Minister tours Express International Inc.

Lauds CEO on job-creation initiative, investment in Guyana, plans for expansion

Alludes to PPP/C Government’s intention to continue promoting Guyana as a premier destination for BPO operations

Georgetown, Ministry of Finance, July 20, 2021: During a tour of Express International Incorporated on Hadfield Street today, Senior Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh, who was accompanied by Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Office for Investment, Peter Ramsaroop, lauded the efforts of the business’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Ken Deocharran at pursuing his vision which has since materialized into a successful Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) facility in Guyana employing 285 Guyanese and heading towards expansion soon. The Senior Finance Minister commended the businessman for his investment in Guyana and alluded to the fact that the current Irfaan-Ali led Government strongly supports any effort by businesses which also aligns with its vision of diversification of the economy in the form of expansion of new sectors such as the services and tourism industries. This, he noted, will also contribute to ensuring the country maintains a stable macro-economic environment.

“In the pre-2015 period, we had already recognized the vast potential for BPO service, and we had invested a lot of policy effort into the sector,” Minister Singh said explaining that Express International Inc. is one example of what can be achieved by persons in the Guyanese Diaspora willing to invest in the country.

“This is an example of a Guyanese in the diaspora who saw an opportunity in Guyana and an example of what can be achieved in the BPO sector,” the Minister reiterated as he also noted that the business includes a Guyanese management team of highly professional persons and based on his assessment following the tour, boasts an impressive operation. Additionally, the Minister referenced the fact that many businesses internationally are recognizing Guyana as a prime destination for BPO services especially with its English-speaking population, its educated workforce and its close proximity to the United States of America and Canada.

“As a Government, we would like to see the BPO sector continue to grow as it will allow for the creation of jobs and the generation of income,” the Finance Minister posited

On its website Express International Inc. has referenced its President and CEO Mr. Ken Deocharran, 37, as a freeporter and Guyana native who started his trucking and courier service business in 2006 and who has since built a $15 million company with roughly 120 trucks delivering goods throughout the tristate area and in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the United States.

It also enlists itself as specializing in expedited high-value shipping services, providing these services to global and domestic clients through distinguishable, time-sensitive service, specialized equipment, and professionally trained staff.

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