Promise kept as Government restores Joint Services Tax-free Bonus

-$1.2 Billion placed in the hands of members of the Joint Services; bonus was taken away during APNU/AFC’s tenure

Georgetown, Ministry of Finance, December 24, 2021: In another sweeping move indicating it intends to keep all of its promises, Government has restored the one-month year-end tax-free bonus to all members of the Joint Services. The announcement was earlier this week made by President Irfaan Ali at Base Camp Ayanganna during the Joint Services’ annual Christmas Luncheon where members of the Joint Services were served a special lunch by their Commander-in-Chief. The Joint Services members were elated to receive the announcement and have since been able to access the payments in time for Christmas.

Senior Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh at the Ministry of Finance today explained that the one-month bonus, which was a signature practice of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) during its previous term in office was discontinued when the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Change (APNU/AFC) administration assumed office in 2015.

In emphasizing the importance of persons receiving their bonus payments, Minister Singh also acknowledged the efforts of the many staff involved in ensuring that the payrolls of the respective agencies were processed on time. Ministry of Finance staff worked around the clock to ensure that not only all health workers received the $612 million payout announced on Tuesday but also the $1.2 billion one-month tax-free bonus announced Wednesday, which has now been placed in the hands of members of the Joint Services.

The Senior Finance Minister noted that the one-month bonus not only forms part of Government’s many other positive initiatives which have been restored since the PPP/C returned to office in August 2020, but also signifies the PPP/C’s continuous care and concern for public servants who continue to work beyond the call of duty in specific major sectors. Dr. Singh added that notably during the year-end period security is boosted countrywide especially in several shopping zones and therefore those in the security sector are again working around the clock as well as those in the health sector.

It was just over a week ago that Government completed the processing and paying out of a 7 percent across-the-board increase to all central government employees along with their December salaries which placed $10.5 billion in the hands of 50,000 public servants, teachers and members of the Disciplined Services.

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