Senior Finance Minister visits Emerge BPO Facility

Says PPP/C Government will continue to promote Guyana as premier destination for BPO operations during current term in office

Georgetown, Ministry of Finance, July 27, 2021: During a tour of the Emerge Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) facility located at Camp and Robb Streets, Lacytown, Georgetown today, Senior Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh, who was accompanied by Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Office for Investment, Peter Ramsaroop, lauded the efforts of the business’s proprietors Adrian Collins and Carole Fletcher for their hard work and vision which have allowed for the current employment of approximately 700 in the BPO industry, including 500 in Guyana. During the visit, the Minister met with Director of Operations Dalgeish Joseph and Director of Client Services, Aisha D’Abreu. He encouraged the businesspersons to ensure the expansion of operations to other Regions reiterating that the BPO sector has the potential to create jobs, generate income, spur economic activity and improve lives.

Minister Singh alluded to the People’s Progressive Party /Civic Government’s (PPP/C’s) effort prior to demitting office in 2015, promoting Guyana as a destination for BPO business which had proven to be a success. He noted that this effort will continue once more by Government during its current term. The Senior Finance Minister further commended the businesspersons for their investment in Guyana as he once more alluded to the fact that the current Irfaan-Ali led Government strongly supports any effort by businesses which aligns with its vision of diversification of the economy, part of which includes promoting Guyana as a premier destination for BPO business. This, he noted, will also contribute to ensuring the country maintains a stable macro-economic environment.

“In the pre-2015 period, we had already recognized the vast potential for BPO service, and we had invested a lot of policy effort into the sector,” Minister Singh said explaining that Emerge BPO is yet another example of what can be achieved by persons willing to invest in Guyana.

The Minister had echoed similar sentiments during his visits and tours of Express International Incorporated located in Georgetown and Qualfon at Providence on the East Bank of Demerara, both being BPO facilities.

He had referenced the fact that many businesses internationally are recognizing Guyana as a prime destination for BPO services especially with its English-speaking population, its educated workforce and its close proximity to the United States of America and Canada.

“As a Government, we would like to see the BPO sector continue to grow as it will allow for the creation of jobs and the generation of income,” the Finance Minister posited.

Emerge BPO commenced operations in 2008 and provides a variety of outsourcing services to clients with agents operating from Guyana, North America and Honduras.

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