Finance Minister applauds Salvation Army for its excellent work in support of vulnerable communities over the years

-signals Government’s commitment to continued partnership

Georgetown, Ministry of Finance, December 19, 2022: Senior Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh told those gathered at the Salvation Army today that Government intends to continue working towards improving the lives of all Guyanese as it forges ahead with building a modern Guyana. He was at the time delivering the feature address at the Salvation Army’s (Guyana Division) Christmas Hamper Distribution on Alexander Street, Georgetown, where many in need gathered to collect hampers and to sing Christmas Carols as they enjoyed the season of goodwill.

The Minister highlighted Government’s several initiatives to improve the quality of life of pensioners which include a nearly 40 percent increase in Old Age Pension since the PPP/C returned to office, as well as investment in public health care such as six Regional Hospitals and various telemedicine centres in hinterland Regions across the country. Dr. Singh reminded the gathering (amidst concerns raised that some persons were having difficulties with their pension) that he has been spearheading National Insurance Scheme (NIS) outreaches across the country in several Regions to deal with the various matters. The minister noted that this initiative will continue and that Government is committed to resolving all of the problems.

Dr. Singh alluded to President Ali One Guyana initiative which he noted has a deeper meaning to include each citizen of every religion and from every location in the country whereby they must be included in Guyana development and must benefit from the country’s resources.

“This is not by accident and our President has adopted a philosophy to characterize all that we do, a philosophy of One Guyana….the One Guyana that President Ali has adopted as the special theme of his Presidency is a philosophy that will see and is committed to seeing every single Guyanese person playing a meaningful part and participating fully in and benefitting fully from the modern Guyana that we’re building.”

The Minister praised the Salvation Army for its excellent work and initiatives over the years, including its programme to help rehabilitate persons suffering from drug and alcohol addiction which has helped hundreds who were ‘brought back from the brink of addiction’.

“Those of you who have children and grandchildren, you have the responsibility to say to them aspire to get a good job, aspire to get a good income and work and develop yourselves,” he advised the elderly.

Also present and delivering remarks at the event was Advisory Board Chairman Mr. Edward Boyer who expressed gratitude to the PPP/C Government for its significant support over the years.

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